Perks of Living in a Gated Community

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2 min readApr 11, 2022


Do you get tired of your daily struggles in the Metro — of the seemingly never-ending traffic, pollution, and the purportedly ceaseless streams of people going to and from?

Do you feel like you have no other choice but to continue the struggle since your well-compensated dream job or your hard-earned company is gradually booming?

Your house is not far from your work, but you think it is not safe for your health and your family to continue to get exposed to a polluted environment filled with smoke and pollutants. And the next thing you worry about is whether your kids and spouse will be okay when you come home after a day of work, especially during the pandemic.

But what if you have a to-go place after a long day of hustle? A hub of escape that can relieve your stresses and fatigue and provide you with a safer and healthier environment for your loved ones. A private space that is only about an hour of travel from your treasured job or company.

This article will talk about the perks of purchasing and living in a luxury investment home and the luxury real estate that Brittany Corporation, a gated luxury community, proudly offers to its highly-esteemed clients. But before that, let us discuss a few things.


A gated community is a residential community enclosed by walls or fences. According to Anthropology Professor Setha Low, one of the first proponents of the subject, they are “residential areas surrounded by walls and fences with a structured entrance.” It is a housing property with a name and specific geographic demarcation specified by the gates and boundaries that control access to the area.

Most are armed with high-end surveillance technologies, from CCTV cameras to security personnel. These are part of the privatization process, as homeowners control and restrict access to what had been a previously public space. They are usually spotted in cities, towns, and even outskirts across the country.

A luxury gated community offers many privileges to its high net worth clients and homeowners. Living in such a setting proffers a lifestyle not necessarily available in many places. There are many such communities to choose from across the country; all you have to do is look for what fits your style and interest.

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