Creating A Study Space At Home

Why should you add a study space?

Having a study room in your home can make a difference in a student’s education. It gives them a space specifically designed to help them focus, learn, and accomplish their academic tasks. With the advent of online classes, a study space can also give them privacy while participating in online courses and lectures.

How to Create an Optimal Study Space

Get the Right Furniture

A study room always has a desk and a chair, these two are the basic furniture pieces required. But how big should your desk be? Do you want an L-shaped desk or a more traditional rectangular one? Do you need a desk that has built-in shelves or drawers? Or would you prefer a desk that can convert to a standing desk as needed?

Lighting Matters

You can’t study well in a dark space. During the day, it’s best if your study room has ample natural light. Augment natural light with a desk lamp for your task and a larger overhead light for the entire room. Good lighting prevents eye strain, so ensure you get lighting fixtures that help keep your eyes comfortable as you work.

Privacy Can Help You Focus

Keep Your Supplies Organized

Add Productivity Tools

Remove Distractions

The study room should ideally only be used for studying. To do this efficiently, try to minimize distracting elements in this room. Keep your phone silent or in airplane mode to help you stay focused. Keep it in a drawer to stop you from wasting time on social media instead of doing hard work in your study sessions.

Create a Productive Study Space in Your Brittany Home



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