Benefits of Property Consultants in the Philippines

What are property consultants?

Property consultants are the ones who determine the most practical and cost-effective strategy for assisting clients in achieving their goals. Because real estate investing is typically a long-term investment, it is critical to ensure that the resources one invests in will go to a solid property. Clients receive property investment advice from them following a thorough examination of market conditions and trends.

Is a property consultant a real estate agent?

When people want to buy or sell a home, property consultants and real estate agents are both very important. Despite the fact that their responsibilities occasionally overlap, these are two distinct professions. Their roles and educational requirements are the key differences.

The benefits of working as a property consultant


A career in property consulting, like any other consulting business, is mostly up to the person if one would not work in any consulting firm.

Deal with a variety of clients

Some property consultants deal with a variety of clients, while others specialize in one sort of business. Here are a few examples of common property consulting services:

Real Estate Development

From start to completion, property consultants are employed to provide advice on commercial and real estate development projects. This may entail doing feasibility studies, conducting competitive evaluations, and studying suitable development sites.

Investors in Real Estate

A property consultant can assist investors who are looking to add real estate to their portfolios. The property consultant’s job is to undertake economic analysis to guarantee that the buyer’s investment is financially sound.

Consulting Companies

Large consulting firms can help with the appraisal of a development project or a real estate investment by providing a variety of services. They deliver real estate consulting services to real estate investment trusts (REITs), other investors, borrowers, business owners, and corporate real estate groups. Real estate consultants are employed by consultancy firms to provide due diligence, market trends and studies, lease advice, and portfolio management. They also help with the positioning, strategy, financial analytics, and modeling of real estate portfolios.

Residential Customers

Some real estate brokers offer consulting services on top of their regular real estate business. The consultant would next assist the buyer in determining whether or not the purchase was a wise investment. They will take into account the buyer’s objectives and examine all aspects of a potential purchase. The consultant is able to provide entirely objective and unbiased advice because they are not paid on commission.

How do property consultants earn?

A property consultant is usually employed by a large consulting business or works independently. The type of job they do determines their pay, however, most real estate consultants are compensated on a fixed or hourly basis.

What do you need to get a license as a property or real estate consultant in the Philippines?

A real estate consultant license applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • 21 years old or older
  • No charges of moral turpitude have been brought against him or her.
  • A real estate consultant must have at least ten (10) years of experience as a registered real estate broker or five (5) years of experience as a real estate appraiser.
  • It is necessary to take and pass the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)’s real estate consultant examinations (written or oral), which are scheduled throughout the year.

Where do you go to get a real estate consultant license?

The application is filed with the Department of Trade and Industry, or through its Regional Offices, and application forms, as well as requirements to accompany the application form, can be received from these offices.

Trust and Reputation

The greatest benefit of being a property consultant is the client’s trust. The ability to harvest future business rewards from the goodwill of prior clients is a big benefit in this career.

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